Thursday, November 6, 2014

Boys' Camp Bedroom Reveal: One Room Challenge, Week 6

Six weeks have flown by and the boys' bedroom is DONE!  The One Room Challenge at Calling it Home motivated me to make progress weekly and I'm so glad to have a finished room in the new (old) house.  I may not have gotten around to every planned project AND I may have added in a few along the way but we made it!

If you need a refresher of the past six weeks you can find them here:

Week 5: Crunch Time

Without further ado here is the boys' complete camp bedroom.

Warning: Heaps of pictures ahead.

Three-year-old stowaway on the loose!  The door was meant to be closed but he kept kicking it open while I was taking pictures!

Check out the woodland stenciled side panels on this dresser!!
I'll share sources later but if you have any specific questions feel free to leave them in the comments.

Thanks for dropping by!

Now you should really head over to the reveals of the other One Room Challengers.  Lots of eye candy to be had!

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Thursday, October 30, 2014

One Room Challenge, Week 5 {Boys' Camp Room Crunch Time}

Somehow five weeks have flown by in the One Room Challenge.  The boys' room is coming together but there is still so so much to do.

If you need to catch up before we move on you can visit the other posts in this series here:

I am fully aware that everything on my list will probably not be finished by next week so I'll have to be fine with putting the room together with what I have and finding and finishing more elements along the way.

This week I hung the fruit crate bookshelves I made last week.  You may have guessed what they were from the peek I gave in last week's post.

The bookshelf I ordered from Urban Outfitters also came in and after my husband put it together I took it up and loaded it down with some plants and the outdoors themed books I inherited.

Lastly, the antlers are hung.  They didn't come with matching brass hardware so I need to use my new favorite spray paint (I'll share later!) to touch up the screws so they match.

Before next Thursday I hope to:

  • clean and hang (possibly paint) 2 cuckoo clocks
  • make a frame for and hang a large topographic wall map
  • make a rug for under O's crib
  • spray paint ceiling fixture base antique brass (the light I wanted can't be found anymore)
  • replace yucky brass doorknobs with new bronze ones
Ambitiously but unrealistically, I'd also like to figure out dresser storage.  Right now we have one dresser for two boys which isn't ideal.  I also have 2 matching pine storage units in their room, which may stay for now.  

So that's it for now.  Even once the room is done I'm sure it won't be done!

Monday, October 27, 2014

DIY Fruit Crate Bookshelves.

Five weeks ago, I signed up to participate in the One Room Challenge linkup at Calling it Home. Since then I've been busy pulling the boys' room design together.

In the midst of all things boy room we decided to have a yard sale to get rid of some of the extra junk that's been lying in the way, making it hard to get work done on several other rooms of the house. Mainly, we had to clear out a chunk of the attic for the central air and heat ducts that were installed over the last two weeks.

As we were pulling down items from the attic, we found two fruit crates leftover from hubs grandmother's estate sale.  Originally, I put them in the yard sale pile but I'm glad I decided to keep them.  The boys needed some storage so I came up with a plan to use the crates for storing books.

The crates were rather rough to start so I used a palm sander to clean them up and smooth out the finish.  Now they're mostly splinter free!

Next I gave the raw wood a coat of Minwax Early American Stain.  Now they're fresh and clean with a nice antique look.

To make them into usable book storage I decided to pull out a coil of rope I had from a project last summer.

First, I measured and marked 1 inch, 3.5 inches, and 6 inches up from the base (With the crate standing up on end.) on both sides.

Next, I used a drill bit slightly larger than the rope to drill holes at each mark.  

On the first crate I used 3 lengths of rope strung between each set of drill holes.  Knots on the ends of each rope hold them taught.

For the second crate I used 1 length of rope wound through all 6 holes.  I started the rope at the top left hole and took it across and through the top right hole.  Next, down through the right middle hole and across through the left middle hole.  Then, down to the left bottom hole and across through the right bottom hole.  I knotted the rope at each end to secure.

Using two different tying methods gives the crates some interest and individuality!

We placed the crates next to my son's bed, within reaching distance, so he can pick out (and return) the books he wants to read on his own.  He really enjoys having a special place for his books.

I have a few more DIY projects in the works for the boys' room.  Here's hoping I have time to finish them up In the One Room Challenge six week timeline!

Stop back in on Thursday for another room update.

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Thursday, October 23, 2014

The Boys' Room: One Room Challenge, Week 4

Today is Thursday, which means it's time for the week four update on the boys' room progress!

If you haven't been following our progress in the One Room Challenge you can catch up with week one, week two, and week three before I update  you on the happenings of this week.

All caught up?

Okay.  Now it's time for the lightening fast rundown on this week so I can get this tired head to bed.

Ordered it.

Hung it.

Made these.

Received them.

There's still a lot to do, but it nice to know we're still moving towards the goal.

Are you participating in the Once Room Challenge?  What did you accomplish this week?
Feel free to leave a link in the comments to your week four One Room Challenge post OR to a project you finished this week.

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