Thursday, February 19, 2015

Southern Honey Chawk Painted Mint Door

I think it's about time to share our mint bathroom door!  I've been holding off since our kitchen remodel still has a few projects left to complete and isn't quite ready for a full reveal.

Southern Honey Chawk Paint sent me some paint to test and immediately I requested their pretty mint shade, Evelyn.

The paint was smooth and thick.  Two coats was all it took for full coverage.  I haven't put on any sort of topcoat and the paint is holding up perfectly.

The minty color is so subtle and pretty!

Southern Honey has lots of other gorgeous colors.  I love the selection!  Perfect for a color loving gal like me.  Brights, pastels, darks, lights, and neutrals. A little something for everyone.

I tested out a few other Southern Honey colors as well.  A crewelwork piece in my daughter's room got two coats of Loretta, a pretty bright pink.

The boys' room got a pop of blue when I painted a cuckoo clock and framed map with Shirley.  I topped them both with dark wax to give the bright blue a vintage aged look.

To find out more about Southern Honey Chawk Paint you can visit the ladies behind the paint on their website or on Facebook.

I'd love to know which Southern Honey Chawk Paint color is your favorite.  Leave a comment letting me know which color you would try first!

Monday, January 26, 2015

Modern Masters Giveaway

***   This giveaway has closed. was used to select the winner.  ***
Congratulations #35, Our Pinteresting Family!

Every time I feel like life is slowing down and I'm going to get back into the groove of regularly posting here on the blog, life seems to throw something new into the mix.  
Here's a brief rundown to catch you up with what has been happening in our home this month.
My husband and I decided to join up with two online groups for a round of Whole 30.  It's been going very well.  I have been spending a lot of extra time grocery shopping and meal planning.  I even concocted an unstuffed pepper recipe of sorts that in my humble opinion was restaurant worthy.  I'm no cook so for me that's a big deal!
Additionally, the weather and various holidays and teacher work days has kept my hands extra full as the oldest two kiddos have been home more.
That brings us to the last few weeks when we had to say goodbye to my grandmother. She lived a long and full life and was encouraging and blessing the family up to the very end.  A large chunk of the extended family was able to spend time at her bedside for the final days.  We sang, read scriptures, and tried to encourage and support her through it all.  As much as we will miss her I will treasure the memory of this time together as a family.
I had planned on posting this giveaway the week after I shared our Modern Masters front door reveal but time got away from me so today is finally the day for this fun giveaway!

To enter:  Stop over at Modern Masters, and select one of the following products you would like to use for a project:
  • Metallic Paint Collection or Matte Metallics
    One Quart and One 6 oz. container – your choice of color OR
    Four 6 oz. containers – your choice of color
  • Metal Effects (kit contains all, unless otherwise specified)
    One Pint Primer
    One Pint Reactive Paint – your choice of color
    One 4 oz. Solution or Rust Activator
    One Spritzer Cap
    One Pint of Permacoat Xtreme [Rust Only]
  • Front Door Paint
    One Quart – any color
  • Dead Flat Varnish – One Quart
After you've picked your product of choice stop back here and let me know which product and color you would pick if you win!
Get an extra bonus entry for:
Be sure to leave a separate comment for each entry.

*This giveaway is open to U.S. residents age 18 and over.  Giveaway closes on February 2, 2015.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Eucalyptus Highchair {Custom Mixed Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint Recipe}

One of the fabulous things about milk paint is that you can mix up the powders to create custom colors.  It isn't an exact science but if you have some knowledge of color mixing, tints, and shades then you can play around with existing milk paint powders to create beautiful new colors.

Recently, I painted a highchair for my niece and I came up with a custom color I'm calling Eucalyptus.

This lovely shade of green was made from a mix of Boxwood and Ironstone Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint.  The muted green blue is strikingly similar to the leaves of Eucalyptus.

I bought the highchair used and had always planned on painting it.

I never really loved the red toned wood and with the addition of quite a few more dings and scratches it needed some help before I felt comfortable passing it down to my sweet new niece.

So here's what I came up with.

(a custom mix of Miss Mustard Seed's Boxwood and Ironstone Milk Paint)

      1/2 cup Boxwood Milk Paint powder
   +  1/6 cup Ironstone Milk Paint powder

I originally mixed 1/3 cup Boxwood with 1/6 cup Ironstone.  I wanted it to be a bit greener so I added an additional 1/6 cup of Boxwood.

Needless to say, I liked what I saw!

Now the yucky scratched up arms look much better!

Since a highchair needs to be able to take some abuse AND needs to be safe for little hands and mouths, I sealed it with two coats of Toy Maker's Finish which is completely non-toxic when cured.

The pretty oil rubbed finish was the icing on the cake.

That and the fact that I now have a new favorite milk paint mash up!

Disclosure: This post contains an Amazon Affiliate link.  If you make a purchase through the Toy Maker's finish link I will receive a small kickback.  

Monday, January 5, 2015

Cheers to a Successful New Year : Modern Masters Front Door Paint

Long time, no post.

Life happened, holidays happened, sickness happened and happened and happened some more.

Projects have happened BUT posting has not happened.

I'm glad to be back and wishing you a happy new year!  I have a slew of projects to share and will hopefully have time to once two of the kiddos return to school tomorrow.

One of the home projects we finished up just before the weather turned was painting our front doors. I was contacted by Modern Masters earlier in the year and finally selected a front door paint to try. 

Say hello to our new deep dark green doors, painted with Modern Masters Front Door Paint in Successful

The dusty green aluminum siding made it hard to decide what color would work plus there were plenty of color options to choose from.

I thought about sticking with white (Hopeful) but it seemed a bit too safe.  Black (Elegant) seemed like it would be too stark.  Others colors I debated were Passionate, Motivated, and Spontaneous. After running the colors by my husband we decided on Successful.

Mudroom Door Before:

Our doors do not have screens so we came up with a way to paint while keeping bugs and pollen, etc. out.

We stapled 6 mil plastic sheeting to the outside door frame.

Worked perfectly!  Privacy, check.  Bug free, check.  Pollen, dirt, and dust out, check.

I started with our mudroom door.  I followed the directions on the can for mixing and was really surprised at the watery first coat.  I was under the impression that the paint should have been much thicker and should have required 1-2 coats for complete coverage.  My jar of paint seemed very separated to start and as I painted and continued stirring and stirring (beyond initial recommendation) it seemed to incorporate more and more and did become quite thick as it mixed.  The top corner of the door shows what the paint looked like after it was a bit more mixed.  Due to the runny first coat our door needed 2-3 coats.  Good thing this paint dries quickly.

After painting the first coat on the mudroom door I moved to the front door.  The paint (now more incorporated) had much better coverage.  Because of the fast drying nature of this paint you can't really go back over your paint strokes so the first coat might leave you saying "yikes".  

The paint will look much better after the second coat!

Front Door Before:

We're happy with the new pop of deep green!

After living with factory primed doors for a few months it's nice to have some freshly painted doors.

Does your front door need a fresh new coat for the new year?  Make sure to stop in next week for a fun Modern Masters giveaway!!

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