Friday, August 28, 2015

White Linen and Blue Bird Kitchen Hutch Redo

Earlier this week I shared two Chalkworthy Antiquing Paint makeovers. First, a little wood pie safe in Thistle and next a table turned kitchen island in Dusty Miller. Today I'm back with another Chalkworthy project that I completed for our kitchen.

I bought this china cabinet already painted but didn't love the dreary gray or blah hardware.

I decided to paint the body of the china cabinet white and the interior blue. White linen and Blue Bird to be exact.

Before And After - White Diamond
image via Chalkworthy
Before And After - Sicilian Sand
image via Chalkworthy

I'm telling you guys, Chalkworthy's colors are GORGEOUS!!

The first coat covered so well I thought I'd get away with just two for full coverage. The gray proved stubborn though, so it ended up requiring three coats of White Linen for all the gray undertones to be banished.

Two coats of Blue Bird more than covered the interior. It is a stunning blue! I'd describe it as being on the teal side of navy. Pretty, pretty, pretty!

A coat of clear wax and some new hardware finished this piece off. I just love these round glass knobs from Hobby Lobby.

It's amazing how a lighter paint really brightens the piece (and the room) up!

So, I'd love to know, which Chalkworthy color is your favorite?

image via Chalkworthy

Disclosure: Chalkworthy™ approached me to review their new line of antiquing paints. I'm a bit of a paint addict so of course I said yes! They provided the paint for this project. All opinions expressed are my own.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Table Turned Kitchen Island

Meet my new kitchen island!

I'm smitten!

A friend of mine wasn't really using the table anymore and asked if I'd be interested in buying it for a project piece. The lovely details on the side sold me. Gorgeous!

I formed a plan to turn it into an island for our kitchen. I picked out paint, vintage casters, and two sets of old brass rod brackets.

The first step was flipping the table over and drilling holes for the casters.

I found the perfect set of vintage casters on Ebay!

Next, I painted the table with Chalkworthy Antiquing Paint in Dusty Miller.

image via Chalkworthy

The first coat of paint covered very well. I shared an image on Instagram and was debating whether I needed to paint on a second coat.

I went ahead and painted a second coat just to be sure I had full coverage and then sanded to distress and finished it off with Chalkworthy Clear Soft Wax.

The tan wheels and weathered brass looks perfect with the new soft blue/gray paint and pine floor.

On the hunt to find towel bars for each side of the island I found a set of four perfectly aged brass end caps on Etsy!

We stained wood rods and hung them along the length of each side of the table in order to keep the pretty wood details on the sides visible.

So happy to be one step closer to a finished kitchen!

Eventually, we plan to add a tile backsplash and add some open shelves to the wall to the right of the sink. I also have a pretty fabulous pair of chippy painted shutters I want to use to frame out the window.

In other news, a little plant that I've somehow managed to keep living in its original plant pot for close to a year, finally got planted in a proper container and found a sunny space on the sink drainboard.

Maybe in another year the kitchen can actually be called complete.

I'll be sharing one more Chalkworthy™ painted furniture piece this week so make sure to stop in on Friday!

If you missed the Chalkworthy Thistle Painted Pie Safe I shared on Monday you can find it here.

Disclosure: Chalkworthy™ approached me to review their new line of antiquing paints. I'm a bit of a paint addict so of course I said yes! They provided the paint for this project. All opinions expressed are my own.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Thistle Painted Pie Safe

Off to school we go!  

Today my oldest returns to school marking the end of our summer break.

So what better way to end my summer blogging break then by sharing a project I was able to sneak in during a busy summer with my kiddos.

My mom had this little pie safe sitting waiting for a makeover. She was looking for the perfect red to match the finish of her dining table and chairs. When I saw Chalkworthy™ Antiquing Paint in Thistle I was pretty sure I found the perfect red for the cabinet. 
image via Chalkworthy™ Antiquing Paint
The cabinet was my grandfather's and was quite beat up...and not in a good way. Thankfully, all the damage was cosmetic and we knew it would look amazing painted!

I was very happy with this paint. It is thick and creamy and covers so well! One coat!  One coat was all I needed to finish this cabinet! I decided after the first coat that I loved the wood grain peeking through so I simply sanded the paint smooth and topped with Chalkworthy™ Soft Wax.

I dropped the cabinet off this weekend and both my parents were both very pleased with the outcome. Surprisingly, my dad was the one who was most vocal about his approval! Thanks dad.

I'll be sharing two more Chalkworthy™ projects this week so stay tuned...

In the meantime do yourself a favor and go drool over the Chalkworthy™ paint colors. Seriously gorgeous!

Any guesses what other Chalkworthy™ colors I'll be featuring this week?!

Disclosure: Chalkworthy™ approached me to review their new line of antiquing paints. I'm a bit of a paint addict so of course I said yes! They provided the paint for this project. All opinions expressed are my own.

Monday, June 8, 2015

A Big Dream Within Reach

When we moved last fall I mentioned that along with our house we also became owners of a commercial outbuilding.  The outbuilding was a big reason we decided to put our townhouse on the market and make a go of buying a new place.  As soon as we bought the property I started dreaming about and planning what that space could and hopefully would become.

I have big dreams for this space!

I see the space renovated to be a studio workshop where I can refinish and sell furniture.  I would love to sell home decor and gifts handmade by myself and other local artisans.  I dream of housing creative classes and workshops.  A place where community members can schedule appointments for DIY project assistance.  I envision craft and construct parties where small groups can get together to build and create, Mommy & Me art classes, crafty bridal and baby showers.   Collaborations with local artisans could bring all manner of creative classes into these four walls. Workshops in graphic design, paper crafts, calligraphy, floral design, building/woodwork, refinishing, and upcyclng.

I truly believe everyone enjoys trying and learning new things.  Especially, when you can share the experience and your new knowledge and skills with family and friends.  People bond over common interests and experiences.  I want to create a place for this to happen.  For my community to come together and create, learn, and explore with different creative mediums.

So, I'm reaching for my dream!

Financially we can't afford to do this on our own so I've applied for a Chase Mission Main Street grant.

Mission Main Street Grants


We also need your help.

We need 250 votes to qualify for the grant selection round.  We would really appreciate your vote.

You can find our profile and vote for us here:

Mission Main Street Grants | Dear Emmeline LLC

We're really hoping this could be our opportunity to grow.  It may not be our time but at least we'll have no regrets.

Thank you so much for being a part of this journey!
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