Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Old Enamel Farmhouse Table

Here's the tale of my new "farmhouse" table!  I'm part of a mom group on Facebook that has a few buying/selling/trading forums.  Recently, one of the ladies on there posted an album of furniture and other items of her uncle's.  I checked out the post and found this awesome enamel-topped table.  It would fit perfectly in an old farmhouse kitchen!  For now though it is going to be my new craft table because it has two pullout leaves that will be perfect for expanding the table if need be.  When my husband returned home from picking it up I was ecstatic to find out the seller reduced the price from $30 to $20 upon pickup (probably because they thought parts of the table were rusty!).  Good news for us the "rust" wiped right off with a good baby wipe scrub!  The handkerchief detail on the top only makes it that more special.
Sorry for the hideous lighting!  That's what happens when I try to take a picture at 4:00 on a bleary winter day!

Check out the awesome handkerchief patterned top!

At the risk of jeopardizing my chances of getting a good deal (just kidding) I might add that this weekend we also picked up an oak table (with 2 stored in table leaves) and 6 farmhouse style chairs for FREE!  It just so happened to be my second grade teacher standing on the other side of the door as well.  Pretty cool! Craigslist, I heart you!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Floating Frame Art

My 2.5 year old woke up sick today.  Poor thing!  But, since she actually took a nap today (which I appreciated despite the circumstance) I was able to get some nature posters framed for little man's owl-themed room.  I got the posters in college at a seminar and pulled them out recently with the intention of sticking some in his room.  I wasn't crazy about the idea of poster frames or the fact that each poster had a cheesy quote at the top and a big Smokey the Bear head at the bottom so when I saw a mom on Facebook post  two floating frames for $5, I snatched them up.  I had never seen a floating frame before but this type essentially had a frame, a pane of glass, and a small wood insert that holds the picture in place.  I was actually expecting two panes of glass to sandwich the poster which probably would have been nicer since the paper was curling from being rolled.  Eventually I might modify the frames especially if the wood insert doesn't seem to be keeping the posters in place.  I picked out a poster with mushrooms and one with tree leaves and got started.

wood insert that holds the picture in place

using the wood insert to trace out the portion of the poster to be framed

snip, snip

a peek at the prints!
Baby boy is still sleeping in his room and so I'll have to wait to get them up on the wall!  It seems like everything in a house with little ones is a ten step process so I'm glad to be one step in the right direction!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Garden Party Table

For my daughter's first birthday I wanted to do something beautiful and special!  I decided on a vintage garden party theme complete with amber depression glass centerpieces, butterflies, and pinwheels made from K&Company Handmade Garnish paper.  When I found this sweet little library table I thought it would be so cute in a little girl's bedroom set up and ready for a garden tea party with dolly.  After some sanding down of rough edges, 3 coats of Annie Sloan Old White chalk paint (I can't seem to get the Old White paint to cover over a darker surface {at least to my satisfaction} with any less than 2 coats.) and some distressing with a fine grit sanding block the piece was looking good but not complete.  I decided to purchase a yard of lace and a can of Design Master: Prairie Grass spray paint from our local Joann's Fabrics and painted the inner circle of the table top.  After the piece was dry I gave the whole piece a coat of clear Briwax.  Now it is a perfect table for a little girl and her favorite baby doll to have some "tea" and cookies!

Hard to believe this was a year and a half ago!  The birthday girl and her pretty little cake!

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Monday, December 12, 2011

Storybook Ornaments

I've seen glass ornaments filled with sheet music all over the place lately.  So, when I found a vintage children's storybook at an antique mall for $2.00 I thought it might work well to create ornaments with the same type of feel (It just so happened to be opened to The Night Before Christmas so I knew I was going to buy it no matter what the rest of the book held!).  I searched through the hole book (specifically for Christmas related stories) and also found A Partridge in a Pear Tree.  I printed the words and pictures back to back in color and then slid them through a paper shredder.  I might suggest carefully hand cutting the strips instead though because the shredder sucked the paper in so quick that some of the words got chopped in half.  Oops!  I strung them up on a simple olive ribbon and think they look quite nice with the yellow and green images on the back.

The Night Before Christmas

 A Partridge in a Pear Tree   

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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Christmas Came Early!

Thanks to my wonderful husband I now have a bucket for all of my refinishing supplies (including 3 quarts of paint and one jar of wax!).  Thanks also to Home Depot for the steal of a deal!  Just around $10.00 for the bucket and apron.  Just what I needed.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Jenny Lind High Chair

After seeing one of these in a magazine and obsessively searching for a place I could get one online, I decided it just was not going to happen.  They just don't exist for purchase anymore and I did not figure that I would ever find one.  Here's where occasionally stalking Craigslist can really pay off.  I was clicking into post after post when I found one with several pictures jammed full of items and, there she was, sitting in the side of one picture, this gem.  My eyes almost popped out of my head when I read the price tag...$12....
ahhh...is was just to good to be true.  I hurriedly phoned.  Yes, it was still available but it was suggested I come soon so I didn't miss out.  After a few more phone calls and some last minute scrambling I was on my way to pick it up.  One of the handles is a little loose and the tray and hardware had been removed but I still love it.  Plus, if I ever want to replace the tray I found this site who sells wood high chair replacement parts.  For now though my 2-year-old daughter prefers her "special" chair pulled right up to the table.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

A new life for an old record player cabinet

I figured I may as well post what I have been up to.  Somehow between feeding the baby, making PB&J's for the 2 year old, nonexistant naptimes, laundry, cleaning and a seemingly neverending schedule of hoiliday and youth group events one project has been completed.  YAY.  This Craigslist freebie needed some work but I am thrilled with the results.


Did you notice my husband's leg poking out from behind the cabinet?  That's him back there doing some demo and he did the reconstruction too!

A pretty fabulous vintage piece but, it didn't work and had quite a few dings and dents.  So, after some reconstruction (by the hubs), a few coats of Annie Sloan Old White Chalk Paint distressed and waxed on the exterior, a gray paint on the interior, and oil rubbed bronze hardware, here it is.


All ready for the winter holidays.

p.s. I'll tell you the story of the wooden highchair another day. ;)

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And so it begins.

When my second child was born five months ago I decided to stop working.  I have moved in and out of job descriptions since high school from florist, to teacher, to daycare provider, and now full time mother.  This job comes with its perks but I have found myself feeling like I need to do something, anything, that isn't solely tied to my children. Being creative, crafty, and artistic has always come naturally to me (maybe the byproduct of being the grand-daughter of an artist and definitely a gift from God!) and I thoroughly enjoy art and design in many forms.  Within the last year or so, I have enjoyed spending time with my mom and husband visiting thrift stores, antique malls, estate auctions, and the like (typically with the two little ones in tow).  I now have a basement full of lifeless furniture and a stockpile of vintage linens and books that I hope, hope, hope I will have time to create with.  I am lovingly referring to this new adventure in my life as my beloved work, aka, Dear Emmeline.

My babies!
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