Friday, September 14, 2012

Jute Twine Candle with Enamel Pan Holder

I picked up two of these petite 5-inch enamel pans from a yard sale for a mere $1.00!  Aren't they just perfect for holding a 4-inch pillar candle?  The only 4 inch candles I could find were a bit taller than I was thinking so I decided to get out my jute twine to embellish the candle a bit.  Now they are ready for their fall debut.

Here's what I did to embellish the candle.

1. Gather supplies. Jute twine, 5-inch enamel pan, 4-inch pillar candle, scissors, hot glue gun and glue.

2. Plug in hot glue gun.  If you're like me and you craft all over your house, consider using a glass coaster instead of sticking the glue gun right down on the carpet.  I doubt you want your crafting adventure to turn into a scorched carpet! 

3. Use your scissors to make a little score mark at the pan line.

4. Start hot gluing the twine about 1/2-3/4 inch above the pan line.

5. Keep wrapping and gluing the twine around the candle until you have a band of twine about an inch wide.

***Tip: Let the hot glue cool a few second before you press it to the candle or it will melt the wax and fall right off.  After you have your first full loop around and the twin is glued to itself this isn't as crucial but something to pay attention to.

Wouldn't this candle and holder be perfect for fall cozied up next to this Baker's Twine Apple Art from Maryann at Domestically Speaking!
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I haven't made one so I decided to put it with a matching enamel colander I use to hold fruit!

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  1. Super cute & thanks for the shout-out on my Apple Twine Art!

  2. so cute!!! anything jute just screams fall to me. heck it all screams fall to me lately. i love this season and it is always over too fast for me.

  3. ha - i have that same enamel scoop thingy & guess what I have in mine??? tealights!! ha - two peas in a pod!! :)

  4. Cute!! Haha, you are too funny with that little glass coaster. I finally repurposed an old cutting board as my glue gunning board :)

  5. Super cute!! Following you from the networking blog hop! Looking forward to reading more! :)



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