Tuesday, January 31, 2012

a peek at a new project

It's been a while since I posted last so I thought I'd give you a peek at the dresser I'm in the middle of refinishing.  We picked it up at our first estate sale auction for $1.00 because no one wanted it!  Pretty sad because I've never seen a dresser new or old that is not only a dresser but also a desk!  I was pretty excited to wind up with it and I can't wait to find a little boy's room for it to call home.  Since the piece was already blue (dull and ugly though)  I decided to keep it blue.  This dresser will be fit for a pirate once it all gets a coat of navy paint (the shell is already done) and quite a bit of distressing to show off the layers of paint and to give it the old Pirates of the Caribbean feel.  Maybe I'll add a touch of gold to accent it!  I mean, every pirate needs a little treasure!  Argh, matey!

I'm trying out MyColor Paint inspired by Pantone for the first time!  I'll give you a full review when I post the completed piece.

Medieval blue might be more suited to a knight!  Too bad.  It's painting a pirate's chest instead!

Friday, January 27, 2012

If you have an addictive personality....BEWARE!

How many of you are familiar with Olioboard?  I stumbled upon it a few months back and think it's great.  But, beware.....it can be addictive!  It is a site to create interior design moodboards.  Essentially, like Pinterest you can save images of furniture and home design elements into your account and use the elements to design rooms!  According to Olioboard "it's interior design made easy".  It is great for testing out elements and color schemes before you commit to it in your own home.  Check out my first moodboard using many elements from Anthropologie.

Pretty quirky, I know!  But I was playing around with some elements and colors I love!

Olioboard also allows you to search and discover elements saved by others and find out where you can buy them.  Browsing through other people's designs can be just as fun as creating your own!  There are buttons to easily share designs on Facebook and Twitter.  Check out Olioboard on Facebook.

Next time I log in I want to see if I can save my own pieces into Olioboard.  I would love to be able to create different designs around the pieces I have created!

Thanks for stopping by!  Now, hop on Olioboard and start creating!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Linge Francaise

I completed another piece of furniture this week!  It's the first one I've painted in Annie Sloan French Linen Chalk Paint.  I really love the neutrality of the color!  It seems like it would work well with any colored room and accessories.  I paired it with pink and green and I love how the pink looks against the gray tones of the French Linen!  It gives it a lovely, feminine feel.  I imagine it would pair just as well and take on a feel of masculinity with navy or red accessories!  If you take a look at the hardware you can get a peek at how my drawer pull painting technique turned out! 

Looking at the piece I think it could be at home in just about any decor.  It would look great with modern, contemporary, country, and vintage decor.  I think that IS the beauty of a deeper colored neutral!

If you can believe it, this piece started as one, BIG, dark, eyesore of a dresser!

Smile!  I'm getting a makeover!

I gave it the same treatment that I used for my Garden Party Table and Wine Cabinet.  I painted two coats of the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint for even coverage and then I sanded with a sanding block BEFORE waxing.  I like how easily the paint powders off when the sanding is done before sealing, but it makes a mess so I wear a mask over my nose and mouth to make sure I'm not breathing in all the dust.  I've been coating my pieces with the original clear Briwax but let me tell you....It is STINKYYY!  I think when I need a new can I want to try the Toluene Free Briwax because the wax fumes are pretty overwhelming when you are working inside.  I finished off by using my easy and mess free method to paint the hardware in oil rubbed bronze! 

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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Vinyl Siding Bookmarks

While my husband and I were on an errand at Lowes to buy painting supplies somehow I ended up next to a display of vinyl siding swatches.  I loved the colors and the wood grain!  Ever the crafter I immediately turned to my husband and said "Do you think they would care or notice if I took one of each color!?  I want to make something out of them!"  Who says the paint swatch cards should have all the fun?!!!  There are plenty of little freebies laying around begging for a use.  I whipped out my trusty Mod Podge and my new Homespun Chic scrapbook paper by Melody Ross and turned my swatches in to a pile of cute bookmarks!

Vinyl Siding Samples
Mod Podge
Paper or Fabric
Foam Craft Brush

1. Trace the siding sample onto paper/fabric.  Cut out slightly inside of the trace line so there is no paper/fabric overhanging when laid on top of the siding.

2. Paint Mod Podge onto the back of the siding and paper/fabric and allow both to start drying until they are a bit tacky.  Place the paper/fabric on top of the siding and smoothe out any bubbles.  While it is drying make sure to smoothe out any bubbles that may appear.

3. To finish, coat with a layer of Mod Podge and Allow to dry.  Enjoy!

Check out the finished product!  I really love this Homespun Chic paper! The vintage fabric and pattern prints makes me want to sew something.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

an easy and mess free way to paint drawer pulls

I've been working on refinishing a dresser that had some pretty nasty knobs and drawer pulls.  Problem is: right now it is way to cold outside to spray paint.  Solution: my husband built a little spray painting booth out of our basement bathtub enclosure.  Up went some plastic drop cloth and a base of cardboard over the tub.  On went the exhaust fan to ventilate so we didn't all succumb to the fumes!

 .......and we found a great way to keep the pulls upright!  That's right!  Toothpicks!!  Inserted into the cardboard at an angle they held the pulls up enough to spray all around.  I went ahead and turned them around after they dried and resprayed just to make sure the paint coating was even and to make sure I hit the small spots where the toothpicks were touching.  Worked wonderfully!

If my family hadn't come down with a bout of the stomach bug the dresser would probably be complete....but since it isn't you'll have to wait for a picture of the completed pulls and dresser!

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Monday, January 2, 2012

Stylish Patina Giveaway @ Creative Juices Decor!

If you haven't tried chalk paint here is your chance to for FREE!  Creative Juices Decor is hosting a giveaway for a $75.00 gift certificate to Stylish Patina!  Follow the instructions on the blog to have 4 chances to win!!  You can also use the gift certificate for other merchandise if you aren't up for the whole DIY experience.  Check out my Garden Party Table and wine cabinet redo painted in Annie Sloan Old White Chalk Paint.

Garden Party Table

Record Cabinet Redo
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