Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wednesday's: Want this look? {White and Wicker Washroom}

Here we go again!   This is the second installment of Wednesday's: Want this look?   If you love the look of this rustic and refined washroom check out the links below to find budget friendly and splurge worthy options to recreate the look of this bathroom.   Don't you just love the variety of materials used to create such a beautiful rural and sophisticated retreat?!   I guess they do say opposites attract!  And, in this case the stark contrast of the design elements compliment each other perfectly!

Inspiration image was found at Better Homes and Gardens.

1. $1,581.99  Cast Iron Clawfoot Tub with White Imperial Feet- Elizabethan Classics
2. $945.99  Randolph Morris Acrylic Double Ended Clawfoot Tub with White Feet
3. $94.99  Round Iron Folding Table
4. $308  Fermob Bistro 28-inch Square Folding Table available in many colors including Cotton White
5. $229  Fermob Bistro Table 24-Round
6. $48.98  Brewster 56 sq. ft. Beadboard Wallpaper available in gray and white whitewashed wood look
7. $39.99  Wood Look Wallpaper available in cream, white, and distressed barnwood
8. $5,094  Somerset Bay Cumberland Cabinet available in many colors including Vanilla Bean
9. $249.99  Southern Enterprises Sliding Door Media Cabinet Bookcase
10. $1,604  Gabby Furniture Lorraine Cabinet
11. $1,950.20  Ty Pennington Everything Cabinet
12. $1,729  Morelia Armoire with Glass Doors available in many colors including Antique White
13. varied sizes starting at $91.98  Safavieh French Tapis Gabriella Area Rug- Green
14. varied sizes starting at $259  Charlemagne Coordinates Collection Cream Floral Area Rug
15. $88.99  Wicker Lane Outdoor Wicker Serving Cart also available in white
16. $72.49  Santa Fe Nailhead 2-tier Half Moon Table could be painted white or cream!
17. $279  Wicker Console Table
18. $173.80  Uttermost Ogden Dark Mirror
19. $135.95  Edgemont Antique Gold Finish Wall Mirror
20. $569.80  Kincaid Furniture Carriage House Upholstered Side Dining Chair- Cherry
21. $19.99  Covered White Tureen
22. $102.95  Mikasa Antique White Soup Tureen
23. $198/ set of 2  Fermob Bistro Metal Chair Set available in many colors including Cotton White
24. $69/ set of 2  Folding Wooden Bistro Chairs also available in white
25. $159  Pottery Barn Lattice Chair
26. $425  Metal Flower Chandelier in Vintage Taupe
27. $4,851  Wildwood Lamps Crystal Flowers Chandelier in Gold and Antique White on Iron
28. $493  Jubilee White Leaf and Flower Chandelier with Shades

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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Getting My Caulk On: The Tale of a Gappy Dresser {I am a Plumber's Wife}

You read it right! I used plumbing caulk on a dresser. Why? you might ask. Well, the dresser had some pretty noticeable gapping between the sides and the trim boards and being a plumber's wife (well now plumbing inspector's wife) I am quite familiar with caulk and knew we had it on hand so I asked my husband "Do you think caulk would work?"!  As long as you use a paintable caulk or a color that matches your piece it's a sweet little trick to have in your fix-it arsenal.

Gap central!
It pretty much gapped like this all along the trim board. :(
caulk on = smooth & good as new
The other side's crisp and clean lines!
Caulked gaps, 2 coats Annie Sloan Pure White Chalk Paint, a little distressing, added wood details, a little more painting, a coat of clear wax, and freshly lined drawers later and you have this!
Off the shelf Lowes wood trim work pieces perfectly accentuate the shape of the top drawers and bottom trim board.

painted, distressed, and waxed hardware
contact paper lined drawers-  This pretty one was from Target!
Caulk!  Who knew?  What an easy fix!  File this tip away for the next time you have a gap to fix!

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Monday, March 26, 2012

Spring Home Tour {at my parent's}

We are so blessed to live within twenty minutes of both my husband and my parents. We get to see them all very often and I love that at least for now our kids get to grow up seeing there grandparents several times a week! My parent's built their house (the house I grew up in) and I love spending time there. It is such a beautiful home full of character. My mom is an avid gardener and keeps the inside and outside of the house fresh and inviting. I had a chance the other day to snap some shots of their home and my mom's spring decorating.  I consolidated the photos into a collection of collages but there is quite a lot of eye candy.  Enjoy the tour!

eggs (and egg cups), bunnies, birds, candles, nests, and plants

baby boy E and the brick fireplace/wood plank focal wall and mantel surrounding it
love this old time looking pic of my baby girl E

spring kitchen decor

more bunnies, eggs, nests, candles, and flowers

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint creations in Chateau Grey, Graphite, and Old White

outdoor decor

more outdoor views

front door forsythia wreath, bird bath, pansy planter, and garage window

my beautiful babies enjoying spring at Grammy and G-dad's house

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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Chalk "Paint" and The Crabapple Tree

I love listening to my daughter talk. She's 2.5 years old going on 13! She has no problem speaking her mind and while she has trouble making the "t" and "f" sound at the end of her words she has no problem communicating and forming understandable and complete sentences. She soaks up everything like a sponge and when she went out to color with sidewalk chalk with her Grammy the other day she told her,"I need my chalk paint! I'm chalk painting."

Oh man! The two things I immediately think upon hearing this are 1) I love this little girl! (She cracks me up and while she is definitely in that testing stage she is a riot and the cutest little bundle of energy you ever saw.) and 2) I'm thinking we talk a little too much about redoing furniture. ;)

We went outside to chalk "paint" today and enjoyed the sun and our pretty blooming tree out front!

Getting to go outside and enjoying the sun and trees in bloom are my favorite parts of spring!  God's glory can truly be seen in the beauty of nature.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

China Cabinet Turned Farmhouse Style Pantry

We recently got rid of our small china hutch when we found a LARGE one someone put on Craigslist.  My husband did not understand why I wanted it and was skeptical, to say the least, about how it would turn out.

I totally agree that this piece certainly wasn't much to look at, but I had BIG plans for this baby!

After a little leveling (by simply adding floor protectors to all of the corners), removing the glass and replacing it with screen, completely removing the outer bottom doors (because removing the glass ruined the backside of them), and giving it one coat of Annie Sloan Chateau Grey Chalk Paint this cabinet is now the farmhouse beauty I knew she could be!!

Did I mention it only took removing the glass and giving it a rough coat of paint before my husband started to see what I was envisioning!  Take a look at the transformation in action.


Looking back I can see where my husband was coming from.....yikes!


We started by removing the glass and metal screens.  They were put in with some sort of rubber so all we did was pull the rubber out, and out came the glass!  Easy peasy.  In fact we plan on doing it to another display cabinet we have.  Next, the doors came off and one coat of paint went on.  Giving it one coat of Annie Sloan Chateau Grey gave it the perfect amount of color and age without needing to distress at all.  One coat and it looked perfectly weathered and just slightly streaky on its own!  I had to practically climb inside to screen the oustide panels (they weren't actually doors) which was a bit of a pain but they came together nicely.  Thankfully, I am a righty and my husband is a lefty so we teamed up and each screened one panel (I was becoming quite frustrated trying to lay inside the cabinet and use my right arm which was practically pinned under me to screen the right panel).  Thanks hubs for the help!!  The 2 doors in the middle were much easier to screen since they came off.  We used Invisible Charcoal Fiberglass screening, .160" diameter Black Screen Spline, and a Screen Spline Roller to complete the job.  All of the screening supplies cost about $15.00 and the whole process was pretty easy to do.  My only suggestion is to make sure you do not pull the screen too tight.  We had one tear on us.  We actually ended up leaving the tear since it was small and adds to the aged look!

If your glass comes out and the frame has a nice "rut" then this treatment will work perfectly.  We did not measure anything exactly...instead we measured our spline by holding it up to the frame (make sure to cut the spline a little shorter than you need because it does stretch a bit).  We also layed the screen over the frames and cut (again make sure you cut a few inches extra in each direction).  Hold the screen semi-taught as you roll the spline in.  I would recommend having a friend help you by holding the screen while you roll the spline into place.  This will help keep the screen from shifting and also help get the screen smooth.  After the screen is in place use a utility or exacto knife to trim the excess screening.  Tada!  Your doors are ready to be reinstalled!

Okay, let me remind you of the before and after.

Ahhh, talk about a 180.

Here are a few more AFTER shots to enjoy!

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