Friday, April 27, 2012

Custom Tinted Annie Sloan

Ever wanted to make black Annie Sloan Chalk Paint?  After getting a little tip from Justin at Paint In My Hair, I decided to do just that.  While I did successfully make my can of Graphite darker, I still did not get my Graphite to black!!  We picked up 3 ounces of black pigment (the typical amount of pigment used to make a can of black paint) from a Duron store and I probably added half of it to my can of Graphite.  I was being cautious because the Duron clerk said if you add to much pigment the paint won't dry.  Yikes, I definitely didn't want to waste a can of ASCP, so I added a few drops at a time, then shake shake shake, and repeat until I got a darker shade of Graphite.  After adding about what I assume is half of the pigment I chickened out and decided to stop there for fear of the dreaded always-wet-paint-syndrome I'd been warned about.  So without further ado I'll introduce you to Graphite: In the Dark.

Justin told me to use "pure black pigment" which I could not find anywhere, so I'm not sure if my results would have been different if I had found some.  I used clear wax to coat but I'm sure if I had used dark wax I might also have been able to achieve a blacker look!   A couple bucks of pigment vs. $20 something and more of the wax on, wax off action and I think we have a winner!  Next time maybe I won't chicken out and I'll keep going until I get black and paint it on to see if it dries.

I scored this solid wood American Drew in off of Craigslist for $30.  That's like free for my area.  Woohoo.  Paint on the bottom, stain on the top!  I'll tell you my staining story next week.

have you had any success (or failures) with either custom tinted ASCP or mixing colors to achieve the one you want?  If you have a post link it in the comments so we can all take a peek!

Have a great weekend everybody!

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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Embracing Change Today!

Hey all!  I had planned on sending you over to see my curtain tutorial over at Embracing Change after my biweekly, Wednesday's: Want this look?  Well, after a long night, short on sleep (thanks to a 2 year-old with an earache) and double dentists appointment this afternoon I will be postponing my Want this look? post until next Wednesday.  Here's to embracing change!  Come back to see where you can find furniture and accessories to create the look of this cozy sitting area featured in an article at Design, Decor...

via Design, Decor...

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Congratulations!! You are the high bidder!

A few people have asked me how I find out about estate sales and auctions.  Besides checking the papers my husband uses Auction Zip and Estate Sales NET.  Both sites allow you to either use a map or put in your zip code to look for sales in your area.  You can pick the radius out from you zip code that you are willing to travel!  In my area you don't see many true estate sales, instead you see estate auctions.  Auctions can be a great way to score furniture, tools, accessories, collectibles, you name it!  I've tried both online and brick and mortar auctions and I think they are both great BUT you definitely have to be willing to spend an entire morning or longer if you're going to stick it out for an entire "live" auction.  For that reason I absolutely love online auctions because you can track the prices on your own time, up until closing.  Last week I bid in an online and in person auction and here's what I scored!!

Enamel Coffee Pot

Economy Round Silos Booklet (I bid on this piece to frame and hang in our bedroom!)

Set of Two Washington Colonial Plates

Period Picture Bowl

Period Picture Plate

Pair of Milk Glass Lamps

Pair of Intricate Wood Chairs with Upholstered Seats (The pair was $1.00 and let me tell you these babies are old.  One chair had been stripped and the cushion gone but the other seat had the cushion with a big hole in the center is definitely filled with a mess of either curly grass or horse hair!) 

I'm going to finish up today by giving you a few of my auction tips!!

1. If you are planning on selling a piece make sure that you leave room to mark it up and make a decent profit.  You have to take into account that you are spending time either at an auction or online sifting through pieces and checking the bidding progress.

2. When going to a live auction wear comfortable shoes because you will most likely be standing the majority of the time.

3. Pack a snack or lunch in the car.  Auctions can take quite a few hours.  I heard an 11 or so year old boy lamenting about how long they actually are/seem this weekend! 

4. Don't be shy!  If you want to bid speak up or you might miss out!  This happened to me this weekend as I was trying to raise my number he closed the bidding.  I should have just shouted out!  Sometimes they can't see your number even if you are raising it and might declare it sold.  In which case, you are out of luck.

5. If you want something to keep for yourself keep bidding until you get it (within your budget).  There are a LOT of resellers at auctions and they are not going to bid on something past the point of making a profit.  If you happen to be bidding against someone else who "wants it for themselves" then you need to set a limit in your mind of what the item is worth to you and how much money you are willing to spend.

6. Look over items before bidding.  Even if you already browsed earlier, you may have missed a defect or repair, or the item may have been damaged in the course of the auction!

7. Be prepared to spend money!  While you may get the occasional practically free item (typically because no one bids or people pull out early) that is not very typical.  Don't get me wrong, almost everything sells for a "good deal" but you have to take into account the value of the item.  An antiques dresser in good condition is most likely NOT going to sell for 15 bucks.  Try more like $75-$200 depending on wood type, age, quality, condition, uniqueness, etc.  This may still seem high, but not really when you take into account the market value of the item!  Got it?

8. Know the terms of the auction.  Some auction companies have a buyers premium.  This means on top of tax they tack on a certain percentage as a direct cut for themselves.  For a few bucks item this isn't a big deal but if you buy something for $100 with a 10% buyers premium you will need to tack on an extra $10.00 to your bill.  The more you spend- the more money you'll have to fork over for the buyer's premium.  Also, some auction companies require cash, or cash and check only, so make sure you know what forms of payment the accept, and have it with you!

9. If at all possible don't bring your kids.  I've learned this from experience!  They are miserable, you are miserable, it is impossible to focus, people get irritated with you, and if you happen to be saddled with carrying or holding one of them be prepared to need a heat pack for the next week! :0

Besides all that, have fun and bring home some treasures!

If you have any tips I missed, feel free to share!!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Featuring {Stylish Patina, On A Whim, & The Old Lucketts Store}

Last Friday, my mom and I decided to do some shopping (or in my case mostly a scoping and a hoping)!  We packed up the babes and some snacks and hit the road.  We headed from Frederick towards Virginia and hit up Stylish Patina, On A Whim, and The Old Lucketts Store.  All three stores have a variety of vendors who sell furniture, salvage, and vintage/antique home goods and reproductions.  I love visiting these inspiring stores and seeing all the amazing refinishing and repurposing projects as well as the variety of special collectibles!  These stores really house some amazing talent!  Stylish Patina and On A Whim also sell Annie Sloan Chalk Paint if you are looking to complete a project on your own.

First up, Stylish Patina!  Stylish Patina is a cute little barn tucked back  down a little gravel road in Frederick, MD.  They are usually open the third weekend of the month from 10-5PM.  I love that they are a one story building and have enough space to maneuver an umbrella stroller.  Stroller friendly establishments are always a plus because that means I can corral the 2 year old in a stroller while I carry the baby.  Besides that I LOVE, love, love the variety they have.  All of their "booths" have their own feel, colors, and unique styles.  I love the fact that they are not afraid of color either!  As I said earlier I didn't make any purchases on this trip....:( no extra funds in the budget right now, but I was more than happy to accompany my mom as she made some purchases.

My mom purchased some of these ironstone plates for a steal of a deal, $3.00 each!

I was so tempted to buy this yellow apron!  It would look fabulous hanging in my kitchen.

My mom also purchased some silver plated dessert forks.  She's been collecting mismatched ones recently!  I can't remember exactly how much they were, but I know they were a great deal! I think between $1 and $2 a piece!

Isn't the wood and metal crate with the blue vintage tins so cute?

Bright, cheery, and sweet!  Perfect!

Love these!
***Photos from Stylish Patina's Facebook album.  Photos edited and watermarks added to credit Stylish Patina.

Please go visit this lovely barn!!!  They are a very welcoming bunch!
And don't forget, they have Annie Sloan Chalk Paint on site.

Next up, On A Whim

***Photo from On A Whim's web page.  Photo cropped and watermark added to credit On A Whim.

You aren't going to drive past this barn without taking a second look!  That pink silo is begging you to come and check the place out! 

On A Whim is located in Leesburg, VA.  They are open 7 days a week, Monday+ Tuesday-11:00 to 4:00PM, Wednesday- 10:00 to 4:00PM, and Thursday through Sunday 10:00 to 5:00PM.  They have one main barn and two small side buildings to explore.  While you might be able to use an umbrella stroller on the first floor you definitely will not be able to get it upstairs so I would recommend if you are bringing children that you plan on carrying them or having them walk.  Do remember though that there are many breakables so you will have to be monitoring little hands!!  Mine likes to touch and flip over the price tags like she sees mommy and grammy doing....yikes!

On A Whim is also a chalk paint dealer.  They have a wonderful display in the upstairs level of their barn! 

Last, but certainly not least,  The Old Lucketts Store

***Photo from The Old Lucketts Store web page.

This three level house plus out-buildings is Located in Leesburg, VA and is home to many vendors including none other than Miss Mustard Seed herself.  If you have ever hoped to see Miss Mustard Seed's work in person, The Old Lucketts Store is the place.  Marian has a space on the first floor.  I keep hoping one of these times we might actually get to run in to her!  She is such an inspiration and the rest of the place is filled (to the brim) with talented work and beautiful accessories!  If you're bringing little kids plan on carrying them around because due to the multi levels and jammed packed with goodies vignettes you would not even be able to think about using a stroller!  A necessary hazard of so much goodness I guess. :)  The Old Lucketts Store is open 7 days a week from 10:00-5:00PM.  While it can be difficult to navigate The Old Lucketts Store with children the old building is one of my favorite parts of Lucketts!  It is so fun to wind up and down stairs and in an out of the rooms and hallways peeking at all the treasures.  Tucked on the first floor my mom found some more vintage desert forks for $1.00 each!  What a bargain!  I fell in love with a chippy gold, rather large (probably 6 feet tall x 4 feet diameter) spiral staircase stand.  It was fabulous.  Ahh, there are just so many treasures to find.

Well, that wraps up the weekend shopping tour!  I hope you are close enough to visit yourself! 

If you aren't please leave a comment letting us all know about similar stores in you area!!

*****Please stop back and check out my post on Wednesday!  I will be filling in for Stacey at Embracing Change and will be sending you to her to see my custom curtain tutorial after my Wednesday's: Want this look?*****

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Farmhouse Pantry Take Two

If you've visited my blog before you may remeber my China Cabinet turned Farmhouse Pantry

What you might not know is that I had planned this makeover for a different piece (which happens to be hidden behind this piece in the before picture).  I liked the idea so much I went ahead and gave the china cabinet I picked up for myself the farmhouse makeover.  Well, once I got my piece out of the way I had time and the space to complete the makeover on the piece I had originally intended on making a pantry.  I did make a few changes however, including two coats of ASCP Chateau Grey instead of one and Old White ASCP in the diplay area.  I also decided to paint the hardware Oil Rubbed Bronze since the existing hardware was a bit dinged up and dingy looking.

Here she is!  Proof that this farmhouse makeover would probably work for
just about any piece with glass doors!

What do you think? 
Do you like the two coats of paint with intentional distressing or one coat with no distressing? 
Old White inside or Chateau Grey? 

Friday, April 13, 2012

Ultimate Blog Party

Ultimate Blog Party 2012

Hey everybody!  Thanks for visiting me here at Dear Emmeline. 
Whether you are new to my blog or have been following along for a bit,
welcome and thanks for dropping in! 

Whether you stopped by from the Ultimate Blog Party hosted by 5 Minutes for Mom or if you are already following along you may want to know more about me.

Not that I think everyone wants to know everything about me or anything,  I just know when I find a blog that draws me in I'm typically racing through the pages thinking....."Who is this person?  Where are they from?  Wonder if they have kids.  What do they like?  Ooooohh, they have similar interests!  Maybe we could be friends!?   Oh wait,  they live across the country.   Hmm, well we could be online buddies...maybe one day we'll meet and hit it off in person!  Ahh, love that dresser!  Oh my, her whole house is gorgeous!  She is so fill in the blank .....personable, admirable, talented, creative, funny!  One day we have to be friends!  I'm opening up my BFF slot immediately!"

Does anyone else have internal dialogue that runs along the same lines?  I may just be crazy but whether I "know" someone or not I like to know what I can and silly as it seems feel like I'm friends with the bloggers I follow along with.  A girl can dream that one day she might actually be friends with some or all of these ladies who are passionate and interested in the same things.....God, their families, crafting, interior design, vintage lovelies, food, friendship, the list goes on.

So, I guess it's time for me to share.

Name: Jessica

Husband: YES- 5 years this May!

Children: 2, 1 girl & 1 boy (both under the age of 3 and yes, right now I am home with them)

Blog: Dear Emmeline- Emmeline means industrious, hardworking and since this little venture is about the "work" that I love to may be able to see why I picked the name!  Plus, I'm in the process of turning this into a business to help add to our family income and the name was flexible.  I need flexible since I tend to dabble in anything that gets my creative juices flowing and have a hard time committing myself to just one thing.  My blog is about my adventures in furniture refinishing, home improvements, handmade decor, and treasure hunting!  I don't see that changing but I want to feel free to add on anything else I may choose to take up.  I will try my hand at pretty much anything and am inspired by pretty much everything.
Favorite Colors:  At one point blue, then purple, and now if you asked me I would probably just say ALL.  I love COLOR in general!  It's not that I'm non-committal.  I just can't decide because there is something that is beautiful about all of them to me.  Whether it is a combination of colors and how they look together, or a feeling that is evoked, or a memory, or place that I think of when I see a color or colors.....I don't know.  But color in general just moves and inspires me!  One day, I hope to take the time to sit down and reflect and thoughtfully craft a post about why I think this is the case!  I will say briefly I believe it is because it is an aspect of God's creation which reflects his glory!

Location:  Maryland (born and raised)

Well, there may be more you wish to know but the baby waking up from his nap upstairs is interrupting my concentration!  If you have anything else you can think of to ask please do!!  And, also I'd love if you'd comment and let me know a little ab out you!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Wednesday's: Want this look? {Jadeite Glamour}

Of all the kitchen photos floating around the internet I keep coming back to this beautiful kitchen.  I love everything about it.  It has a vintage and classic appeal,  colorful but not overpowering, rustic yet glamorous elements,  jadeite, enamel, chippy.  {gasp} It's beautiful! 

On that note, I did the legwork and searched around online for shops and companies that carry the perfect accessories to recreate this look.  I hope this collection of furniture and accessories is helpful and inspiring to you!  Enjoy!

Inspiration image found at Apartment Therapy.

1. $549.99  Home Styles Americana Kitchen Island
2. $1,703.99 Strom Plumbing Clarion Farmhouse Drainboard Sink with Legs, 8-inch Faucet Drillings
3. $19.99  Lipper International Bamboo Dish Rack
4. prices, sizes, and colors vary  John Boos Painted Stools
5. Chateau Grey Annie Sloan Chalk Paint {perfect color to complement the green of jadeite}
6. $40.40/set of 2  Winsome Wood 29" Stool Set
7.  $514.80  Laura Ashley Lavenham 8-light Chandelier
8. $270.15  Lite Source 5-light Evelyn White Chandelier
9. $413.46  Westmore Lighting 5-light Opulence Antique White Chandelier
10. $34.95  Sweet Cottage Rose Vintage Style Tablecloth
11. $399.00  Pottery Barn Decorative Ledge
12. $175.91  Distressed White Wood Wall Shelf with Hooks
13. $229.99  Custom Made Distressed Shelf Mantel
14. $26.99  Lime Green Re-usable Gift Bag with 3 Kitchen Towels
15. Typhoon Vintage Bread Bin
16. $37.99  White Tin Bread Storage
17. Ideal Bread Bin, UK  Cream Enamel Oblong Bread Bin
18. prices vary  various enamelware products including these tea, coffee, and sugar containers
19.  currently unavailable  Mosser Glass Jadeite Mixing Bowls {Try searching for vintage jadeite on Etsy and Ebay}
20. $24.00  Jadeite Jucier Reamer and Measuring Cup
21. $17.99  Jadeite Salt and Pepper Set
22. $39.99  Franciscan Desert Rose Plate Clock
23. $39.95  Chantal Ceramic Red 3-piece Ceramic Mixing Bowl Set
24. $24.99  Paula Deen Signature Enamel on Steel 2-piece Mixing Bowl Set, Red
25. $34.60  12 piece Enamel on Steel Red Bowl Set
26. $35.99  Circleware 3-piece Glass Canister Set
27. $16.00  Glass Canister Set of 3
28. $199.79 Dual Top Kitchen Island

Monday, April 2, 2012

Weekend of fun and inspiration!

This weekend was quite a busy one for me.  On Friday, my mom and I met up with some friends down at The Barn Show

They had lots of lovely and inspirational goodies but I left empty handed because the one purchase I so wanted to make was out of my budget.  Here's it is!  An awesome old chicken coop thing-a-ma-jig that had wooden bars across the front! 

I pictured it hanging above the desk in our kitchen holding towels and dishes with an apron or two or some pots hanging from the wooden bars.  Ahh,  I so wish I could have justified the purchase.  I have a plan for where I want the kitchen space to go and this would have fit perfectly!  A painting my grandfather did of my grandmother's childhood home (an Iowa farmhouse) hangs in our kitchen and is the color and feel I plan to recreate! 

So far we have redone a china cabinet and desk for the kitchen area.  We also picked up a lovely vintage wood ironing board that I plan to use as a sideboard next to the dining table.

refinished desk and vintage wood ironing board

You can see the details of the china cabinet I turned into a farmhouse pantry here.

Next stop, Hobby Lobby where I picked up a few goodies at 50% off!

The metal bucket containers may be split up around the house for kitchen, craft, or bathroom storage but they fit the look perfectly and at 50% off they were super cheap!  The plan for the tool caddy is to mount it on its side for a shelf and towel bar in the bathroom.

I loved the addition of the charcoal color to these linen towels!  Very simple yet elegant.

I also picked up these alphabet hooks for Everett's room.  You can see some other elements of his room here.

I love how I can see all the elements coming together in my mind.  We already have solid plans for refinishing the table and chairs (just not sure when we'll get to them!) so you'll have to stay tuned to see how they turn out!

On Saturday we made the trip to and from New York just to see Newsies on Broadway!

Last but not least, on Sunday we had church in the morning and high school youth group (complete with multi-purpose room bowling!) in the evening.

It was a wonderful weekend!  I hope your weekend brought just as many fun adventures!
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