Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wednesday's: Want this look? {Letterpress Place}

I love the dark touches on this otherwise colorless, fresh, clean, white palette.  The industrial and letterpress touches in this office/craft space really make you want to get to work!  And, if your work space looked this good, you might have a hard time leaving!  Enjoy the links at the bottom to find ways to achieve this look in your own home.

Inspiration image via Pinterest
**I tried to track down the original image location but came up at a dead end at  If you know where this image originally came from please let me know!

1. $85.00 3x3 White Storage Unit
2. $1,060.96  8891 Series Stackable Bookcase- White
3. $149.00  Wendel 5 Shelf Etagere
4. 949.69  Enameled Steel Cube Wall
5. $29.70  Warehouse Shade Pendant
6. $118.80  Spun Aluminum Vintage Warehouse Barn Style Cord Hung Outdoor Pendant
7. $149.99  3-piece White Iron Folding Bistro Set
8. $309.00  Adjustable Height Laminate Lab Table with Armor Edge- 24x54
9. $121.50  Tile Top Farm Dining Table, Black and Cherry Finish
10. $1,239.00 Southhampton Dining Table with Rectangular Wood Top
11. $627.99  Science lab Table with Epoxy Resin Top- 30x60
12. $24.44  Large Metal Shopping Cart Backpack Basket
13. $42.00  Round Wire Potato Basket
14. $39.95 Red Round Iron Baskets Set of 3
15. $3.95  Vintage Collection Letter Press Set- 26 Piece Alphabet
16. $2.97  Vintage Collection Letter Press Set- 16 Piece Numbers & Symbols/
17. $15.00  Sababa Front Porch Bookshelf Word Spot Game
18. $19.99  Bamboo Adjustable Organizer
19. $27.85  Shadowbox Tray with Brass Handle
20. $36.89  Mahogany Stackable Letter Organizer

Friday, May 25, 2012

Cake, glorious cake!

Today my husband and I celebrated our 5th anniversary! 

Last night my wonderfully sweet, thoughtful husband brought me flowers and I used my new caddy aka $1.00 yard sale find, to hold two milk bottles full of Alstromeria blooms. 

Now all the table needed was some dessert!

Josh scored major brownie points this year by calling up the bakery who made our wedding cake and ordering a mini version for us to celebrate!  When we left for our honeymoon my family decided it was a good idea to devour the leftovers from our wedding cake.  So needless to say we only got one bite each during the wedding until our first anniversary rolled around and we pulled out our cake topper and thoroughly enjoyed getting to actually eat some of the cake a year later. 

A while back we had a conversation when we passed near the bakery about how awesome the buttercream frosting and almond cake was and I mentioned I could go for some more of it.  SURPRISE!  I got my wish.

I also thought the occasion warranted pulling out our china for the first time :p

I enjoyed every. last. bite.  (I feel I should mention, just so you think I'm not a total glutton, I'm talking about my piece and not the whole cake!)

Happy Anniversary Honey! 

P.S. I love you.


Thursday, May 24, 2012

Casters and Curtains

I'm finally back with another furniture makeover!  Life has been a whirlwind recently.  One where I feel like I get plenty of projects started, but none completed.  After a couple of late-ish nights this past week I have finally wrapped up a coffee and end table set.  I've had this set sitting in the queue since the the end of last year.  Yikes.  New projects came up and this one kept getting pushed back (literally...and stacked upon, etc).  But, IT IS DONE, FINALLY, and I am quite happy with how the set turned out.

I was going to say, "story of my li-ife, I forgot to take a before picture" but from the recesses of my brain I remembered I actually did take a few back eons ago when I got the set.  Dark, dinged up, gross, chewed up cardboardy inlays.  Not pretty!

So this is where I would insert the picture, but,  even though I know I took them, I just dug through my folders and THEY WERE NOT THERE.  Please forgive me, or you could actually just thank me, because it was a pretty hideous sight!

So instead more of the pretty!

See the corner of my $10 yard sale chair from last weekend. SCORE!

Love the metal casters!

How fabulous is the linen texture of this castoff curtain panel?  I found one lonely panel in the same box of linens as this fabric.  I love the cottage cabbage rose print, mixed with the more traditional burgandy and neutrals, with a punch of a decidedly more modern orange thrown in!  The pieces were painted in Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Old White and distressed a bit to get rid of some of the reddish pink "stain bleed" spots (not sure if anyone else notices this a lot when using lighter color paints).  We even primed with Zinsser to save paint. I measured and cut the fabric from the curtain panel and to adhere the fabric I painted a layer of Matte Mod Podge onto the wood, laid the fabric, and then put another layer of Mod Podge on top.  My fabric seemed to "shrink" after it was cut, so I simply stretched it into position and made sure there was enough Mod Podge for it to stick to on the table surface while I stretched other corners and edges into position.  No recutting necessary!

Now this set is ready to make a statement!

Have you used vintage linens or curtains for a furniture or craft project?  Please share.  I'm a sucker for vintage fabric!

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Monday, May 21, 2012

Lucketts Spring Market

This past weekend I went to the Lucketts Spring Market for the first time!  Wow!  Lots of great furniture, collectibles, antiques, home decor, and vintage goodies.  My husband agreed to babysit so my mom and I went kiddie free.  It was nice to see though that had we brought them there was plenty of room between tents to maneuver a stroller or 2 (not in the booths though)!

We were on a time crunch since we had to be back for a picnic, so we made quick work of all the booths!

I loved the colors and the vintage linen seat cover at the first booth we stopped at.   Unfortunately since we were hustling around like crazy women I forgot to jot down the names of the vendors I liked and the ones I bought from. :(

But, I did manage to snag quite a few treasures!

2 vintage aprons- $4.00 each from different vendors
The green apron was from Mezzaluna Uniques and Antiques.
Dug through a bin of scrabble letter dice to find enough E's for both my baby's names!  And yes I already noticed I photographed one upside down. ;) whoopsies!
Digging's the name of the game.  Scrounged through a box of old mailbox keys and found 10 little 1 inch skeleton keys!

2 perfectly sweet teacups and saucers to give to Elise one day!  At $4.00 a set I'd consider these a steal!

Snagged a few freebies too!

Blue Egg Brown Nest was handing out oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.  We got there just in time because my tummy was starting to rumble!

Bittersweet Design Studio gave away this cute nest magnet to their customers. Bought a pillow got a nest too!

And last but certainly not least, Miss Mustard Seed gave out these lovely "move mountains" tags.

The highlight of the trip for me was definitely getting to meet Marian aka Miss Mustard Seed face to face.  We have recently been messaging back and forth and I knew I couldn't pass up an opportunity to meet in person.  Her blog is the first one I ever started following and not only does she do great work, and have awesome style, but she I love that she is humble, personable, and praises and gives thanks to God for all of the success she has had!  I was so happy to have a few minutes to chat with her and was impressed that even with the sea of people at Lucketts and followers on her blog that she could recall who I was when I told her my name.  (It was great to meet you Marian and I hope we see each other again!) Judging by the line of people waiting to talk to her and the amount of SOLD tags marking her furniture (about an hour after opening), I'd say there's quite a few people that agree that she is one talented and lovely lady!

I'm hoping I'll be able to attend next year.  It was a great morning!

Did you attend the Lucketts Spring Market?  If you did, what were your favorite booths, finds, and deals?

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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Wednesday's: Want this look? {Tucked Away Cottage Closet Office}

What's not to love about an organized office?  Especially one you can tuck away at a moments notice.  I love this cottage style closet office found at Country Living.  Follow the links to take a virtual shopping tour of items to recreate this look!

Inspiration image found at Country Living

1. $42.38  Flash Furniture Vibrant White/Chrome Task Chair with Tractor Seat
2. $190.50  Task Seating Deluxe Armless Wood Bankers Desk Chair
3. $178.00  Paris Chair- White
4. $49.99  36x10 White Floating Shelf
5. $73.99  Versailles 1-light White/Crystal Mini Chandelier
6. $272.00  Priscilla Mini Pendant Chandelier
7. $59.99  Tadpoles Three Bulb Chandelier in White Diamond
8. $53.98  York Wallcoverings Remington Rose Peony Wallpaper
9. $57.84/2 rolls  Steve's Blinds and Wallpaper Pattern #2245
10. $49.94/2 rolls  Steve's Blinds and Wallpaper Pattern #JW105671
11. $25.43/2 rolls Steve's Blinds and Wallpaper Pattern #2049
12. $79.00  9" Quincy Globes
13. $63.99  Explorer World Globe
14. $24.65  Chelsea Collection Square Wastebasket in White
15. $24.99  Cayman White Bath Accessories- Wastebasket
16. $129.99  Mobile File Cabinet with Two Drawers- Light Grey
17. $169.00  2-Drawer Letter Size Vertical File Cabinet
18. $133.99  26.5" Deep Commercial 2-Drawer Letter Size High Side Vertical File Cabinet
19. $9.99  Ikea Jansjo Work Lamp- White
20. $69.99  Ikea Tisdag Work Lamp- White
21. $24.99  Ikea Tral Work Lamp- White
22. $184.91  Robert Abbey Real Simple White Boom Desk Lamp
23. $38.00  2'x3' Dash and Albert Negril Stripe Rug
24. $30.00  2'x3' Dash and Albert Aruba Stripe Woven Cotton Rug
25. $8.99  Neiko 50-Piece Peg Board Set
26. $46.95  16x32 (2 pc) Powedercoat White Pegboard Panels
27. $24.12  1 Pegboard Mount Wire Basket- White 12"x6"x6"

What do you think?  Does this give you the inspiration you need to make over a closet in your house?!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Solutions for Indoor Refinishing {Soy Gel and Minwax Express Color}

Most of our refinishing takes place inside of our house.  Due to that fact, I have specifically hunted out products to use that are non-toxic and/or low odor. 

We do it for this baby!

And this one!

After seeing it on a milk paint site, we recently bought and tried a paint stripper called Soy Gel!  You can read more about Soy Gel here.   The main selling point to me is that it is made from soybeans and has very little odor.  The odor it does have is a sweet, nutty smell so it is optimal for indoor use.  As long as you follow the directions on the bottle I think you will be very pleased with the results of this product. 

My mom and I both used Soy Gel for three different dresser tops and covered all possible exposure times: on too short, to0 long, and just right

Let's start with too short of an exposure time.  When the bottle says put the product on and let it sit a while, they mean it.  The product needs time to work.  For our dresser my husband only left it on for probably 15 minutes and then had to do a second coat.  Ahh, I hate waste! Either way, 2 coats of gel and the coating was successfully removed.  In the few places where we had a little residual stickiness, we used a palm sander and got it right off.  Since I had it out I gave the whole top a quick sand.

Check out the difference between the original finish and the stripped top!

Now for too long of an exposure time.  My mom placed the Soy Gel on the top of one of her dressers (she was doing a set) and then "bring, bring".  Telephone rang!  She had to run out because of a family emergency.  Needless to say the Soy Gel sat on there for hours.  In this case it started drying which if you can guess means the surface coat she was trying to remove started drying back up too.  After scraping the original coat of gel she had to reapply a second.  The second coat also ended in success!

1st go 'round
2nd go 'round reveals a lovely driftwood/barnwood-esque look!

That brings us to just right!  If you follow the directions and keep checking to see if the coats of paint, or sealant are soft enough to scrape off then you will be able to take the gel off when it is just right.  In her case she left it on several hours and when she scraped it off SUCCESS!  A beautiful down to the wood, raw finish.

Sigh, so pretty!
Just so you know, I told my mom she had better not restain the tops of these pieces! ;) People pay good money and/or spend a ton of time and energy to replicate a wood finish like this!  Guess what?!  For now, she listened!

Big step up from this!


Now on to staining!

If you are looking to stain the wood after you have finished stripping it I would recommend using Minwax Express Color wiping stain and finish.  It is water based (so low odor and easy cleanup...yay!) and available in 8 colors.  We used one of the wood finish colors, Walnut, for this project but I am excited to try one of the contemporary color finishes, specifically the green one, Emerald!  Wipe it on, let it dry and you're done!  I chose to put a coat of clear wax on top but it didn't seem to change the appearance or texture of the finish so it probably wasn't necessary.  Minwax Express Color was very easy to use and I think it turned out beautifully!!

stain with original finish

stain with custom tinted Annie Sloan Chalk Paint finish
I would use, and plan on using both products again! 

Have you used either product?  If you have, let us know what you thought.

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