Friday, June 29, 2012

Easy-Peasy Faux Wrought Iron Wall Art

           3 rubber stepping stones
           1 can white satin spray paint
       +  5 minutes
           3 easy-peasy faux wrought iron art pieces

This was a super easy and quick project that was also very inexpensive.  I bought all three stepping stones new and unused from a mom in my area for $5 but you can buy the same stones brand new on Amazon for $7.99 each.

Since they are lighter than true wrought iron they hang easily with a nail or picture hanger!

They are the perfect addition to my little lady's room!

Did I mention this was super easy and cheap!!

Go make yourself a set!

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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Wednesday's: Want this look? {Sunny Grays Linen Storage}

Who doesn't love a bit of sunshine in their day?!  I certainly know my spirits would be lifted to see this sunny piece every morning!  Doesn't hurt that this one is stocked to the brim with some lovely linens....pretty fabrics are my weakness!  The clean white and gray pallette makes the sunny yellow all the more cheerful.

Inspiration image via Country Living.

1. $19.99  Fado Table Lamp
2. $29.95  Design Classics Orb Glass Table Lamp
3. $249.00  Hemnes Linen Cabinet

This Ikea Linen Cabinet is only available in red but would be a close match repainted with Annie Sloan Arles or CeCe Caldwell's Carolina Sun Yellow paint!  Both paints require no prepwork of the surface so it's as simple as painting it on!

4.  $34.95  Faux Studio Designs- Arles, Annie Sloan Arles Chalk Paint
5. CeCe Caldwell's Carolina Sun Yellow Chalk and Clay Paint
6. $53.15  Safavieh Shaggy Gray Rug: 4 foot round
7. $61.99  Ultimate Dark Grey Shag Rug (4' round)
8. $3.19/square foot  Oyster 12"x24" Tile
9. $2.99/square foot  Bone 12"x24" Porcelain Tile- Wood Grain

What do you think?  Love the yellow or would you prefer a different feature color?

Thursday, June 14, 2012

It started with a transfer and a paint pen {and ended with a Sharpie}

I did it again.  I wanted a graphic for a plain Jane bookcase spruce up, so I headed over to The Graphics Fairy and found this lovely image from an 1880's type book. 

Thematically, it is the perfect graphic for a bookshelf!

First things first,  I set to using up some cans of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.  The exterior of the bookshelf was painted in Old White and the interior and shelf lip that extends to the outside of the piece was painted in French Linen.

Please excuse the sub par lighting.  I painted and have this stored down in the dungeon basement and a) couldn't haul it upstairs by myself to take photos, and b) I currently have no space upstairs to haul it to!

I then used the same flip the image and pencil rubbing transfer method from my Wedding Present Tables tutorial.

Because of the fine lines in this image some of the graphic did not transfer very well.  It was my own fault though!  I should have taped one side down and lifted to check the transfer progress and re-rubbed the areas that didn't transfer as well.....but I didn't so I had to basically freehand parts of the image by looking at my original printout....takes more time and starts to play tricks on your eyes.  Learn from my mistake!!  Please, save your eyes!

After the image was transferred I busted out a fine tip paint pen and set to work on filling in the text.  Fine line?  Phooey!  Not so much.  I finished up most of the larger bits of text but it was quite obvious to me that the paint pen was NOT going to cut it for the smaller text and details. 

Enter genius idea!!!  Fine tip Sharpie!  Not only did it work but I don't think you can really see a difference!  What do you think?

A little Sharpie painting tip: have a piece of paper or notepad handy to scribble on when the tip gets a little gummed up.  It doesn't actually get gummed up but the ink WILL stop flowing and you will need to do a couple little scribbles to get it flowing again.

I wasn't sure if I was going to need some sort of spray sealant so that the image didn't get smudged but I tested my Annie Sloan Clear Wax on the little graphics I painted on each corner and it worked!! 

No smudging!
So onto the main image I went with complete success.

I can safely say that my new go to for detailed images will probably be my trusty Sharpie.  Who knew?!

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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Wednesday's: Want this look? {Retro Red Kitchen}

If you like a pop of red and industrial accents then this kitchen is for you.  Or like me, maybe certain elements appeal to you more than the space as a whole.  I specifically love the stools and pendant lighting, and sometime soon I hope to swap out our plastic garbage can for a sleeker (Oscar the Grouch style) can!  As always keep reading beyond the images to find out where you can find the furniture and accessories to create this style (or steal bits and pieces of it) for your own home.

Inspiration image via House to Home.

1. $26.88  12" 12/24 Hour Wall Clock
2. $47.71  24 Hour Clock 12" Diameter, Dark Brown
3. $119.39  Stainless Steel Square Ceiling Pot Rack
4. $58.26  Range Kleen Stainless Steel Oval Pot Rack
5. $14.54  Galvanized Steel Trash Can
6. $219.95  Cuisinart 5.5 Quart 12-Speed Brushed Chrome Stand Mixer
7. $449.95  Delonghi Stand Mixer
8. $89.99  Seville Classics Heavy Duty Utility Cart
9. $151.25  Luxor ST-3 Multi Purpose Stainless Steel Cart
10. $650.00  Danver Stainless Steel Kitchen Cart with Drawer
11. $14.99  Anchor 4 Piece Ceramic Canister Set, Red
12. $59.99  Kalorik Stainless Steel/Red 4 Slice Toaster
13. $79.99  KitchenAid 4 Slice Toaster, Empire Red
14. $249.29  Dualit Classic 4 Slice Toaster, Red
15. $7.99-$59.99  Industrial Metal Pendant, Black
16. $71.91  Kaloric Pyramid Shape Red Jug Kettle
17. $46.99  Metal/Wood Adjustable Stool
18. $195.00  Modern Times Factory Stool
19. $97.24  Diesel Industrial Stool with Black Leather Seat
20. $89.97  Carolina Cottage Adjustable Draftsman Metal Stool
21. $16.92  Calypso Basics Red Utensil Holder
22. $27.95  Eat Smart Precision Retro Mechanical Kitchen Scale with 11 lb. Capacity
23. $13.99  Fox Run Classic Kitchen Scale Timer 4"x4"x3.5", only available in Black
24. $35.99  Typhoon Kitchen Scale- Red
25. $20.08  Retro Red Small Typhoon Kitchen Strainer Colander
26. $20.99  Reston Lloyd Calypso Basics 3 Quart Colander in Red

Monday, June 11, 2012

A Bubble Party!

Baby girl turned three and we had a bubble party to celebrate!

We had all manner of round foods; cheeseballs, bagel bites, pretzel wheels, "pop"corn, round chips and salsa, donut holes, meatballs, blue Rice Krispy treats cut in circles, grapes, blueberries, and strawberries, radishes and other veggies/dip, blue "bubble solution" jello cups, icecream with Boba (Bubble Tea Bubbles) topping........

Bubble gum cupcakes........

Bubble cake........

& Bubble Punch.......

To counteract the sugar high we made sure the kids played hard!

This bubble party was complete with bubble wrap to run, jump, and bike over,  a little pool to swim in, and tons of homemade bubbles to stand in, make Giant Bubble Snakes with, and create Soap Bubble Art.

Here's the birthday girl in a bubble!

Little brother was not as happy about being put in a bubble!

He much preferred going for a swim!

and everybody loved the water table.....

.........especially when it was loaded down with some bubble-like Jelly Marbles.

As is the case with most events this one did have a few slip ups.  Sorry to the three kiddos (birthday girl included) who accidentally drank some bubble/paint solution while making bubble art.  I guess 3-4 years old is probably a bit young to be doing the bubble blowing when a straw is involved!  And, one little man took a bath in bubble solution and might have bubbles coming out his ears and nose for the next 5 years!

All in all, the party was a success.  Happy birthday Lisey Lou!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Custom Wedding Nesting Tables {the tutorial}

At the end of last week I posted a set of end tables I made as a wedding present for a friend from college.  Let's take a look at the finished product again.

I started this project by painting the tables in Old White Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.  Next, I taped off the legs just above the "bump" and sprayed the tips in Oil-Rubbed Bronze spray paint.  I wanted to give the illusion that the tables had metal caps similar to the real ones on my Casters and Curtains table set.

Now for the fun part!  I headed over to The Graphics Fairy with a plan in my mind and found an At Home graphic:

Neither of the images were reversed so I saved them to my computer and reversed and resized them in the Paint program.  I also found a script font and created a Word document the said "Est. 2012".  I used the same process to reverse the text. 

Once all of the images were reversed and resized I printed them out.   Depending on the final size of your image you may need to print it in several pieces and tape it all together.

As you can see I messed up on the first print out and forgot to reverse the text! ;p

I don't know if there is a technical term for this transfer method but I simply flipped the images over onto the tables and lined them up where I wanted the image to be.  Then I used a pencil and scribbled all over the back of the paper to transfer the printer ink onto the chalk painted surface (I do not know if this would work with other types of paint or not).

 Images transferred!

A few fine tipped paintbrushes, some black paint, and a steady hand later...

To further customize the set for my dear friend I addressed the post card to the married couple at their home address!

Finish it off with a little distressing and a coat of wax and they are ready to gift to the bride and groom!

Do you have any good image transfer methods to share?  Let us know!

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