Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Good Deal or Total Steal? {Foil Map and Home Office Inspiration}

This past weekend my husband and I stopped by a little store in our area while we were running around to yard sales.  I had looked through the whole store with a one-year-old on my hip and on the way out I saw it...

....a foiled world map (framed nonetheless)!  The map is titled at the bottom World Map by Peter Schenk the Elder 1645-1715.  Upon looking up the name I found out Peter Schenk the Elder was a renowned German engraver and cartographer during the medieval times. 

I have really been loving all the maps and globes I've seen lately in the home decor world.  I even jokingly threatened Stacey that I was going to drive over and steal this globe that she used to accessorize a recent desk makeover!

via  Embracing Change

This print will be the perfect addition to our home office when it is all finished.  We're going for a typographer/drafting studio feel similar to my Letterpress Place inspiration board...

Inspiration image via Pinterest
and this office from the September 2012 issue of Country Living Magazine...

Images via Country Living

We already moved the Typography Bookcase I refinished into the space.

Next to move in will be the artist cabinet we almost have finished!
We even found an antique solid wood partnership desk ($50) and wood bankers chair ($35) to refinish for the space!  Thank you yard sales and Craigslist!
So what do you think?  The price tag on this lovely framed map was $12.00.
Good deal or total steal?!

Monday, August 27, 2012

My master needs a makeover!

There.  I said it.  My master is pitiful and I am embarrassed to even let you peek inside.

We bought our house and moved in 4 years ago.  It was a foreclosure so it came as is.  We didn't have to do too much to make it livable but our master hasn't been touched since the day we moved in. 

We've swapped out several bedding sets.  here's the most recent.

I love this set.  It has a linen texture and love the green, tan, and blue colors as well as the cabbage rose pattern.  But,  it does not match the green walls (as you can see in the background).  I DO NOT care for the wall color and want to get some new paint up there.  I'll expand more on that situation later.

I have also made curtains.  The windows in this room are really big and I could not find curtains that fit so I made some myself!  Nate Berkus would be so proud that they are kissing the floor.  Muah!

But ALL of the big projects that I want to do have not been touched!  Why?  Let me give you a peek at the MAJOR hurdles.

Can you tell what the problem is (besides $0 in the makeover budget)?  It couldn't be the ridiculously high ceilings, abundance of angles, or the fact that the room doesn't end (it just has to head on up into a loft making painting one HUGE pain in the booty!) could it?  I don't even know where to start or finish.  Add on a 1-year-old and a 3-year-old and it looks like this project won't happen for the next oh 18 years!

I know you love the fan and lighting loveliness goin' on up there too!  Who wouldn't?

To embarrass myself further check out my husband's work clothes storage.

Awesome, right?

Or my end table and oh so stylish hamper!

Sad thing is the stereo isn't even plugged in because it is possessed.  Randomly kicks on and starts playing stuff at 3 in the morning.  No thank you.  I've got my kiddos for that wake up call!

If you look closely you can even see something crusty permanently attached to the carpet by the previous owner.  Gag!

What else? 

Dusty, dirty, dorm room mirror.

Crazy cords.

Beauty and The Beast furniture (Hey!  Don't judge.  It was free and at least it's a matching set!  oh wait.  Except for the falling apart platform bed which is so low both my kids think it's their personal jungle gym).

You can see the reflection of the armoire in the mirror!  Straight from the Beast's castle!
Now why would I show you this ridiculously embarrassing, anything but relaxing, lacking in personality, boring, unmatched, I'm over it, poor excuse for a master bedroom?

Because I want....nay I NEED....Mandi of Vintage Revivals to come and revive this room!  Mandi, I need you!  My room needs an new life!  One where it's lively, colorful, comfortable, hip, and most importantly loved.  I've got the guts.  Time to make them grin!

****voting is now open!!!  September 7-14!  Click on the button below and vote for room #1!  Thanks so much.****


After reading some other submissions, I decided to get a little more personal and give you some reasons to vote for our room (besides the room needing some major help).

Why should you vote to redo my master bedroom?

1. I try to be content with my home. It’s a great space and has loads of potential but the reality is, it isn’t what I want it to be and the feeling of not being able to do anything about it nags at me every day. You would make my decor dreams come true to gift me with a fresh (and finished) look.

Now here’s where I get all personal on you and jump into the logistics of the situation…

2. So you might say “Why can‘t YOU do something about it?” We have the skills. That isn’t the problem. The biggest hurdle is finances. Even “cheap” design is not FREE design. Paint, wood, glue, craft materials, fabric, flooring, etc. costs money UNLESS it is given to you. Four years ago we bought our house and then I made the tough decision to stop teaching 2nd grade to be a stay-at-home mom. In turn our income dropped significantly but we were okay. Then my husband who’s a plumber had a slow, slow year at work. He barely had work. To be honest I thought we would lose our house and it was probably the hardest and most stressful time in my life. In order to stay current on our house payments we had to use our credit card A LOT. He started to look for new job and because of the impression he had made through his work relations he was able to secure a plumbing inspector position. We have by the grace of God been able to keep our house and pay down our debt by being very careful and intentional about every purchase we make. I buy used clothing/shoes for our kids (and flat out barely buy any for my husband and myself), we cancelled our cable, have the cheapest plans available for internet and phones, I usually cut hubby’s hair and mine hasn’t been cut or trimmed in 3 years. We made the decision when my husband had a take home vehicle to get rid of our 2nd car. When he started his new job a take home vehicle wasn’t included but a second vehicle was and is nowhere on the horizon. This means unless I can convince a friend to come over or my mom to drive up (20 minutes) and take us out that we are trapped in our home ALL day long. Nothing like having all those unfinished projects staring me in the face all day and not being able to escape. I do not tell you all this for you to say “poor girl” for I am so blessed, but it does explain why I am SO EXCITED to have the opportunity and how much I would truly appreciate a room makeover by Mandi!

3. I am trying to start up a home-based furniture refinishing and handmade/vintage goods business so I can raise my kids and contribute financially. My bedroom is the one place in the house that is semi-unaffected by a mass of furniture projects and I would love to have a place to go after the day is done that actually is finished and where I can relax and not think about how much still needs to be done. I say semi-unaffected because somehow a dresser I‘m working on managed to creep it‘s way up there! Compared to the rest of the furniture store house though it is usually unaffected. Currently, my living/dining/kitchen combo is housing 4 furniture projects in various states of doneness in addition to the furniture that actually belongs in there. Add the sewing machine on the floor that’s sitting ready for my next project and couldn’t be put on the table because is was covered with dresser drawers from another project and you have a momma that is one drawer pull away from going CRAZY!!….I NEED a peaceful/finished space somewhere in my house! Please, I beg you!

4. Back to number 2. Drop of income = lack of finances to complete master. I’m an avid DIY’er so I’ve been thinking of how to slowly check items off the list but they always get put on the back burner and I can’t justify the expense (even affordable options) so it looks like own our own it probably won’t ever get finished.

5. I have a design split personality which means that even if I could come up with the necessary finances to tackle the room it’s hard for me to narrow down a plan for the room . I love COLOR, I love neutrals, rustic and regal, vintage, simple, clean lines, texture, and patterns. Quite frankly, I love beauty in many forms and need someone else to help direct me towards a look that cohesively includes elements that I LOVE which are seemingly all over the map. I have a hard time trusting myself to do this and Mandi has proved this ability so I would love to have the opportunity to draw from her eclectic genius!

6. Mandi can help me tap into my 7th grade personality! The one that bought, wore, and loved a pair of green and orange holographic tennis shoes despite the grief her family, friends, and peers may have given her for them. I’m not afraid to push the envelope as long as the results are me! I guarantee that this room would leave you speechless and inspired.
Last but not least,

7. We have an amazing group of family and friends who I would force love to ask to join us in completing this epic project. And while the makeover would make me feel like I’ve won the lottery the bonding experience with my loved ones would be PRICELESS!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Olive You! {Baking Soda Paint Recipe}

After a slew of not so happy DIY chalk-like paint finish recipes...
#1 {Two-Tone with a Twist} = too runny
#2 {Old Pickup Blue Dresser} = too clumpy....Really.  This recipe hardened as you worked with it flaking little balls of plaster everywhere!

...I'm on to recipe number 3. 

DIY Baking Soda Chalky Finish Paint
1/2 cup baking soda
1 cup flat paint (I used MyColor Paint in Capulet Olive )

Stir the two together, and paint it all around, that's what I'm all about!  Whoo. 

The Verdict: 

Pros- painted on well (we used 2 coats),  amazing stick power,  sanded down nicely with a bit of elbow grease

Cons- fairly regular dry time (we waited overnight between coats), must give entire piece a light sanding to knock back sandpapery texture


Highly satisfied!

Even though you need to sand the entire piece after painting I really, really like this recipe!  It is very economical to make and you just might already have the ingredients on hand.  Top the piece off with  three coats Minwax Wipe On Poly and the finish ends up looking amazing.  The Wipe On Poly glides on evenly with no streaking or smearing and It also didn't thin or pull up any of the paint!

We've hit the jackpot on vintage dresser recently and snapped up this one with original wood casters for a mere $40.00!  It was missing the decorative back piece so my husband created a template and cut, sanded, and attached one! 

The original hardware also got a makeover courtesy of Gold Leaf  Rub'n Buff.  Love that stuff!  It really does give a metallic finish that can not be achieved with paint.

So many painted pieces lean towards the feminine side.  I was hoping this one would break that mold.  I'd love to hear your thoughts!

**update** I found this DIY Baking Soda Paint vs. ASCP post over at eleven-o-one which does a really good job of comparing DIY chalky paint finish options specifically giving her opinions on Baking Soda Paint. We used the same ratio of paint to powder on our projects with similar results and Fran includes pictures of her project before and after sanding the paint finish. She also includes some great tips on storing this paint and what types of pieces it may not be the best for!   I encourage you to go and read her post.

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