Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Beautiful & Functional Craft Rooms

As I mentioned in January, we are in the process of creating a dedicated craft space up in our master bedroom loft.  Mari, from Arcadian Home blog is here today to give us some craft room inspiration. 

Hello, everyone! It's Mari here from Arcadian Home blog, a great place to find lots of beautiful room inspirations--decorative accessories, wall art and lovely light fixtures including chandeliers, pendant lighting and much, much more. I'm very happy to be visiting at Dear Emmeline with a guest post about ideas for creating craft rooms that work well and are beautiful too. Here are eight images we hope will inspire you to plan your very own space for creative pursuits. We've pulled ideas from craft rooms and home offices because the two often merge in beautiful and functional workspaces. Please enjoy!

Craft Room
This stylish room in pink and green on a warm creamy canvas is a lovely example of a dream home workspace. With a long desktop, built-in drawers and lots of shelves for storage—it's really quite perfect. The slipcovered chairs add a charming feminine feel.

Craft Room
Using cubbies is great for functionality and beauty. I love the family photograph wall above—what a happy space.

Craft Room
I know our lovely blogger here at Dear Emmeline is considering using a dark wall color in the bedroom below a loft craft room, so this idea might help her decide to go with black. Wouldn't using black on one wall in the loft tie both spaces together beautifully? And, then pulling the accent color from the bedroom onto the desk would be perfect.

Craft Room
Every office needs a desk and every crafting space may need two or more.  Simple white ones like this could be easily created with "saw horse" legs and a hollow core doors.

Craft Room
A black and white rug like this one in a large zebra print would be perfect in a craft room or office. Black and white makes for a beautiful contrast with any pastel paint color.  Table decor and accessories can add even more color atop a white desk or work table.
Craft Room
A black chest has its drawers pulled and replaced by handy clear plastic shoeboxes.  This is such a clever idea for storing crafting supplies that are used all the time. This is definitely on my list of favorites.

Craft Room
These beautiful boxes are gorgeous in white, but it's also easy to find boxes in solid colors (as seen in the first image above) and patterns. Available in a variety of sizes, these beautiful work horses offer limitless storage possibilities.

Craft Room
Lastly, here is a room that has it all—functionality and beauty in a lovely color-filled space.
Track or monorail lighting systems are a wonderful addition to creative spaces. I love the tissue balls and paper lanterns.
Images 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8

What do you think of these craft rooms?  Leave us your thoughts below and be sure to stop by our website for more home decor, lighting, and interior inspiration!

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