Friday, February 22, 2013

Graphite Apothecary Bench

A few weeks ago we hit up our first auction of the year.  We walked out with 7 pieces of furniture including this cute little cubby bench for a steal!  Can you believe this little cutie only ran us 5 bucks?!  I guess looking at the before maybe you can believe it, but I knew those little white ceramic knobs and apothecary drawer style were going to be worth it.

Take a peek at this Want this Look? Apothecary's Nook style board I made last year and check out the chest in the back!

I think Annie Sloan's Graphite paint is a dead ringer for that blackened blue.  What do you think?

p.s. In case you were wondering I now use Minwax Wipe On Poly to seal all of my dark colored painted pieces.  It creates a nice matte (and even/non streaky) hard finish and is a lot less work!

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  1. $5 and some inspiration and you have a wonderful piece!

  2. What a steal! I'd love to go to an auction sometime! It sounds like fun! I love the makeover - the color is perfect! And thanks for the tip on the wipe-on poly! I really need to try that sometime!

  3. Hi there! I saw your project on the Bower Power Linky Party. So cute!!! I was excited to see this post, too, as I've been dying to try Chalk Paint. I'm from 'View From the Fridge', and we got a note about a Liebster Award . . . which I'm passing on to you. I think your stuff is so fun and creative! I really have no idea what this award is all about, but thought I'd play along . . . can't hurt. Check it out if you're interested (if not, we won't be offended :)).

    Have a good weekend! Love your chevron backround, by the way!!

    Steph and Katie

  4. How sweet is that transformation. I too love Graphite and wish I could do more pieces with it. Laura @ Top This Top That


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