Wednesday, February 19, 2014

We're moving!! Time to say goodbye with a FULL Home Tour

Last Saturday we officially moved out of our townhouse.  Most of our belongings were taken over to our new home (which I can't wait to share).  We close on the home this Friday but since it belonged to my husband's grandparents we were able to start filling it up early.

This is definitely a bittersweet goodbye.  It's sad to say goodbye to our first home but we are so excited to rehab our "new" 1910 home complete with a 1500' square garage/workshop.  While we gut the kitchen, bathrooms, and living room and tear down old wallpaper we'll be living with my parents. We hope to have the major projects complete on a 40 day timeline!!  I'll be posting lots of details, inspiration, and progress shots here on the blog so be sure to follow along.

I figured since we're saying goodbye to our townhome I could give you an official tour.  Not every space was complete but we did our best to clean up and stage everything.  We spent a few weeks cleaning up, patching walls, and taking out unnecessary toys and furniture.  I guess the home showed well because we had a full price offer in 5 days!!!  Yes!!

Enjoy the picture heavy tour.

Embroidery Hoop Pendant (removed for sale, coming to new home) / Large Wall Art



Rewired Antique Silver Chandelier (removed for sale, coming to new home)

Little Lady's Room

Mini Man's Room

Hall Bath



Master Bath


Basement Bath

Basement Office

Backyard Creek View

Backyard Mountain View


  1. Wow, what a quick sale! And no wonder, someone is getting a beautiful home. And now you are off on a new adventure creating wonderful new experiences and memories!

  2. CONGRATS on the quick sale and your new home!! Your town home was very spacious!

  3. Congratulations! Can't wait to see what you do in your new home!

    Angela @ Number Fifty-Three

  4. so exciting! i can't wait to see the new house and see what you do with it!


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