Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The Boys' Room

Move in day is fast approaching!  While there is still much to be done the only task before moving is finishing off the full bath.  Walls went up, plumbing is fixed, and the tub is set.  Tile is going in around the tub and on the floor this week.  Hopefully we'll be living in our house in 2 weeks!

When we first planned out our rehab work list the boys room was going to be the last main space to be touched.  Well plans have changed since we decided to just drywall over the existing hodgepodge of wallpapered plaster and drywall walls.  The drywall is hopefully going up this week and then we plan to hire someone to do the finishing work so hubby can focus on other tasks.

Now that the boys room has been moved to the front burner I'm back to planning an urban forest / camp themed retreat for the boys.  The plans have changed now that we're in a different house and now that two boys that will be sharing the room.  I've been refining my ideas and busily pinning more camp themed items and inspiration.

At the estate sale (a week or so before we officially bought the house) I uncovered a box of natural themed books.  They are the perfect collection for the boys room and are an exact fit for the color scheme I'm planning for the room.

Funny how a stack of books can be so inspiring!  Seeing them makes me so excited to get started.

Here's the room we're working with.

I cannot wait for that stack of drywall to get up on the walls so I can get moving with the design.
(AND....as I was writing this post Hubs came in and informed me there is now drywall up on the ceiling and two walls!  He said it already looks like a brand new room. Woohoo!)

Keep your eyes open for a complete design board next week.

***Due to the amended bedroom plans, I will most likely be selling the woodland dresser I painted for my son's old room.  If you're local and know of anyone who might be interested feel free to send them my way.

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  1. What a wonderful book collection - love the theme and the colors! You've taken on quite a project, but I know it will be amazing in the end!


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